The Zimbabwe Republic Police (ZRP) says the country is recording over ten murder cases every week.

ZRP spokesperson, Assistant Commissioner Paul Nyathi said most of the murder cases emanate from family disputes & urged citizens to resolve their disputes amicably.

“It is so sad that we are witnessing a surge in the number of murder cases countrywide.

“We are recording more than 10 murder cases weekly & we want to encourage people to resolve their disputes amicably.

“We are also calling traditional leaders who include village or kraal heads & chiefs to assist families and associates to resolve differences in a peaceful manner,” he said.

In an unrelated note, on 22/05/22, police in Beit-Bridge arrested Tawanda Simango (28) for unlawful possession of ammunition.

The suspect was intercepted at the Chikwalakwala area while trying to cross the border through an undesignated entry point.

Searches were conducted and one round of a star pistol, a three-star okapi knife, a star screwdriver, a small torch, black TCM double binoculars, seven smartphones, two umbrellas, a Nike watch, a pair of green gloves, two black wallets, and two satchels containing various clothes were recovered from the suspect.

Further investigations revealed that the suspect is a wanted person in SA where he murdered two victims before robbing them of their valuables. In one of the incidents, the suspect allegedly raped the victim’s wife.