Former Zimbabwean Minister of Foreign Affairs and Tourism Walter Mzembi says it is time to employ new tactics as President Emmerson Mnangagwa allegedly uses state institutions bar opposition parties from campaigning.

He says in the absence of reforms, the playing field will always remain constricted, hence the need to change tact and move with the current trends by the use of technology to beat the barriers.

“The script of banning Rallies by police is a very old one. The connivance by local authorities is equally an old collaboration and anticipated in the absence of Electoral Reforms.

“In the 21st Century technology titititi , noone will stop us,” he says.

Mzembi who is independent presidential candidate Saviour Kasukuwere’s campaign team chairperson says it is not time to try and compete with the status quo which uses state resources to fill stadiums.

“Don’t worry about competing to convene the largest gathering or Rally. Noone can beat State Party conflation in mobilising crowds nokundundurudza the masses and giving freebies.

“The Referendum asks the Question Mashinga here kudzorera Pharaoh pachigaro?”

He pleads with Zimbabweans to understand the dynamics at play and the need to change tact:

“Zimbabweans please understand what is happening, whether intentional or inadvertent;

“Mnangagwa has turned 2023 Elections into a Referendum on his six year rule, hence the closing of space to all other competitors.

“Change of tact, strategy KEY.

“We will shock these madhalas with their 500 buses and 200 hundred lorries Per Venue Rallies. Where they fly high we go low, where they go low we go high. We will not be anticipated nor beaten or get our supporters beaten. Zevezeve harimisiki ririmumoyo!”