The drill rig at Energy Invictus in Muzarabani will stay in Zimbabwe for another 12 months to target two more well locations.

Latest update from Energy Invictus indicate that operations are ending at first well site as it’s no longer possible to obtain the fluid sample needed to confirm oil or gas.

In the update, the company says the primary and backup wireline formation testing tools are currently non-functional and the duration to repair or replace parts is unknown.

The logging conditions evidenced by tool and drillpipe sticking and significant overpull observed during fishing operations also render conditions unsuitable to make further attempts to obtain a fluid sample even with functioning wireline tools.

Subsequently further attempts to obtain a fluid sample are not feasible and the Company will conclude operations on Mukuyu-1 and ST1 well and demobilise the well services equipment and personnel. Rig 202 will be warm stacked at the Mukuyu-1 well location to allow for maintenance and upgrades prior to recommencing drilling at either Mukuyu-2 or Baobab-1 in 2023 following sourcing of required long leads and tendering of well services and equipment.

Laboratory analysis of sidewall cores acquired during logging and drill cuttings and mudgas samples acquired whilst drilling will provide further calibration of the wireline and the geological model once completed.

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