Grow a spine. You are in the wrong business if you can’t stand for your art: Fans blast Holy Ten over Ibotso regrets

Zimbabwean singer, Holy Ten is now regretting working with Winky D in IBOTSO, from the latest album EUREKA.

Holy Ten, appears overwhelmed by the reception of his song and he is now saying this about the Winky D collaboration “I regret it now honestly.” Following his regrets people have also asked questions like “Have u been threatened by varakashi4ed?” 


See his posts and interactions on social media below…

 Holy Ten:

Activists, journalists, lawyers – Split opinions will not do any good for a brand that’s trying to serve & save everyone so help me by not acting like I’ve picked a side. Do not politicize a project that I’ve considered a mere honor to be a part of. I regret it now honestly


Are you regreting speaking the truth? “Hanzi tombvisa, hanzi chii” “Kwedu kwatinotongwa negarwe”

Holy Ten:

It’s actually the truth that I want spoken. My war is with the jazzman, please let me fight guka. Those with degrees know the proper ways of solving these political disputes. 1 Corinthians 12:11 – we have different gifts.

Sir Mandla:

Thanks for your music Mujaya. Your music is a medicine for the depressed, vane nzara, you give us hope as the youths. Your music might be politicized, its part of the game, it means you’re big and relevant to the societies. Thanks for leading the youths. Hoyooo!!!!

Holy Ten:

Thank you! But is it fair? Since the people I’m trying to help use the same drugs, why can’t they also listen to the same artist. My career can’t be divided by political opinions I’m really here for everyone.

G Mhofela:

Have u been threatened by varakashi4ed?

Holy Ten:

No but my point is after you’ve all picked your sides, you still need a place you can come together in unity & party, pray, dance etc because we’re all still human after all. So please allow us to be the ones that bring all the people together.


Grow a spine. You are in the wrong business if you can’t stand for your art and craft. You can’t make everybody happy all the time. And you certainly can’t deny or wish away feelings of other sections. If you cant stand splitting opinions you might as well never sing.

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