Zimbabwean politician, Obert Gutu has mocked exiled former Cabinet Minister Jonathan Moyo for his insinuations that the southern African nation was going to witness a ‘November-like’ coup this February.
By the end of January, Moyo claimed history books were going to be rewritten and warned Zimbabweans of ‘November-in-February’. The late lonng-ruling despot Robert Mugabe was ousted in November 2017, paving way for the dramatic ascension of Emmerson Mnangagwa to the presidency.
“For keen students of Zimbabwean history, this February is threatening to replace November as the month of momentous events! Varakashi and their boss need running shoes. Their time to run run run run is coming; soon and very soon! The ideology of varakashi is Mnangagwa; and their policies are Mnangagwa, whose only objective is that 2030 anenge achipo. The varakashi phenomenon is just a whole lot of bull expletive”, Moyo posted on his Twitter account in January.
But, on the last day of the ‘month-of-the-coup’, Gutu who is rumoured to be eyeing admission into Zanu PF structures laughed off Moyo’s claims, tweeting:
“February is the 2nd month of the year (and) November is the 11th month! There can’t be a November in February! No! It simply can’t! Of course, in Dreamland & Delusionland, you can possibly have November in February or even vice versa, but certainly NOT in the world of reality! Rolling on the floor laughing, Rolling on the floor laughing”.
Attaching emojis, Gutu further mocked Moyo in the vernacular Shona language:

Jonathan Moyo

“Seka zvako Chavurura Wegona!🤣Seka zvako Chipazhamwongo!😂Seka zvako Chitovanedzavamwe!😅Kwahi November in February….lol🤣🤣 Hakuna mashura akadero..🤪🤪Hakuna manenji akadero…🤣🤣”.
Gutu’s sentiments come in the wake of Moyo’s dramatic U-turn to earlier insinuations. Moyo has since said that his comments were grossly misinterpreted and claimed he was not referring to Mnangagwa’s removal from office.
“Momentous events that usually happen in November were seen this February like bolts from the blue. The dismissal from the politburo of two key youth leaders, (Pupurai) Togarepi (and Lewis) Matutu was momentous; as was the dismissal of Matutu (and Godfrey) Tsenengamu from the party’s central committee!”, said Moyo in a thread on the last day of the ‘coup month’.
This is despite the fact that he had challenged another Twitter user who had dismissed his social media claims as mere ‘prophecy’.
“Don’t bastardise political analysis. There’s no prophecy in political science!” Moyo said early this month.