Tinashe Zisengwe

A Gweru nurse was hauled to court by a local businessman alleging to have been duped US $180 in a cart deal gone wrong.

Innocent Rushayi told the court that he sold a cart to Nyarai Bvuma for $450 and was given part of the payment.

Bvuma agreed to pay the remaining $ 180 after the delivery of the cart, but she failed to honour her pledge.

“Your worship we agreed on our deal, but she started avoiding me and not taking my calls. When l finally caught up with her she gave unnecessary excuses,” said Rushayi.

In response Bvuma revealed that she owes him the money.

“Yes l owe him the said money but he sold me a dummy. The cart which l bought is different from the one which was delivered at my farm.

“My husband is the one who first noticed that l was given a wrong cart, l called him (Rushayi) and he agreed to replace it so that l would give him his balance.

“Since our last conversation he hasn’t replaced the cart,” she said.

Gweru magistrate Elizabeth Magumure referred the matter for trial tomorrow.