Matebeleland: Human remains have been found exposed at two different sites in Kezi, Matobo district.

Chief Nyangazonke of Kezi went to the scene with the police following the discovery.

Speaking at the scene last week, Chief Nyangazonke said they suspect that the remains belong to people killed during the liberation war.

Some of the remains found indicate that the bodies could have been buried in a mass grave as about four skulls were found very close to each other.

Chief Nyangazonke said he was in the process of consulting the community on how to deal with the issue.

Mrs Antonetta Nyathi, the woman who stumbled on the human remains, said she was shocked.

Gukurahundi killings initiated by Mugabe government is the likely reason for mass graves, according to recent reports.

Thousands of Matebeleland people were exterminated and clandestinely buried by security forces in mass graves soon after independents in the 1980s

Mugabe is blamed for using excessive force to crash Zapu support base.

Early this year, stories were run in mainstream media linking VP Mnangagwa with Matebeleland 1980s problems.

At the same time, a local politician also wrote a book in which Mnangagwa’s name was mentioned in connection with Gukurahundi.

The Justice Minister denied it, tried to sue but later backed down after he was warned not to do so.