Edmore Mhangami
THERE was commotion at Gweru magistrate courts recently after a woman who went berserk and started screaming before a stunned crowd amid reports that she was under some spells.
According to sources at the courts, the woman whose name has not been captured had came to witness a high court murder trial of Joseph Bira her relative. 

The sources say drama unfolded after the court security announced that the court session was about to kick off.
“Thus when the woman run to the tarred road screaming saying, ‘handina kana chinhu munondiurayira chi? Ndangouya kuzo disturber high court hapana zvimwe zvandoda (I have nothing why do you want to kill me. I just came to disturb the high court nothing more,” said Ms Yeukai Mugumba who’s a prosecutor at the courts.

She said there was commotion in the road as traffic failed to pass as the woman laid in the middle of the road. Ms Mugumba said the woman had to be dragged off the road by four prison officers. 
Another source identified as Mrs Mavhiya suspected that the woman might have been under some spells. She justified her thoughts saying even the pastors who came to pray for her confirmed that she was under attack.

“A pastor from the Arise and Shine church came to the scene. After a prayer for about 10 minutes he said the woman was under attack spells. He was however distracted from praying for her by the police officers who took the lady to Central Police Station,” said Mrs Mavhiya.