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No political changes in Zimbabwe whatsoever; unless it start from within ZANU PF, says former Foreign Affairs minister

Exiled former Foreign Affairs minister Walter Mzembi says there is no political change in Zimbabwe that will happen unless it starts from within ZANU PF.

He says history has it on account that since 1980, all the change that took place started from within the ruling party, before it affected the whole country.

“There is no change in Zimbabwe, that will not take place in ZANU PF itself first and foremost.

“November 2017 was change inside ZANU PF itself and those of us who did not agree with the methodology of change are still sitting in exile but it fundamentally altered the design of the State and the political culture.

“History is very clear on this, if we follow the changes since 1980, change happens in ZANU PF before it affects the length and breadth of the country, this is why Opposition, the Clergy and Civil Society supported and celebrated change in ZANU PF occassioned by November 2017,” he says.

Mzembi emphasizes that ZANU PF was the collective surname that everyone who fought the struggle agreed to adopt in 1987, adding that no change happens in Zimbabwe which does not visit this collective name.

He adds: “Attempting to dissect, individualise, patronise, and commodify it, will have repercussions even for those who think they are more ZANU PF than others.

“I raise this ahead of the journey in our midst and ahead of us, which seeks to unite this country, that unity starts in the liberation ethos of the country, and seeks to accommodate diversity within itself and those opposed to it from outside.

“Therefore noone opposed to ZANU PF in it’s contemporary form is an enemy of the State, doing so is commodifying the State itself which is an ultra higher form than partisanship.

“The vanguard of this philosophy is the people, when we bypass the people by exercising power directly as self, this principle collapses. All historical infractions have ultimately been resolved by Dialogue and there is no substitute to this.

“It’s time for Statesmanship. Unity is supreme, the cult culture should have gone with Mugabe!”



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