Transform Zimbabwe leader, Jacob Ngarivhume who was arrested for conducting a clean up in Mbare yesterday, but refused to go to the police station, says he is now ready to clean corruption in the country, adding that there are no consequences for doing so.

Ngarivhume says the power to transform Zimbabwe into a better nation lies in the hands of Zimbabweans themselves.

He says, all that is needed; from removing rubbish from communities to eradicating cancerous corruption, is to take the fist step, adding that it is the few brave souls who will take this nation far.

Ngarivhume adds that, he hates corruption whether it is done by MDC or ZANU PF. “Corruption is corruption and innocent people are suffering because of it,” he says.

The TZ leader promises that he is ready to fight for this country. “To work tirelessly everyday 24-7 to rebuild our country. I’m moving past the debates and the talk shows because there’s work to do. “THERE IS NO SUBSTITUTE FOR HARD WORK”

“I want to clean up corruption in our state institutions. The abuse of public funds is so flagrant. There is no fear and there are no consequences because citizens don’t see what is taking place behind the curtains.

“I want to clean up corruption in our legal system- stopping the abuse of the criminal justice system to free our compatriots. Hastags and T-shirts alone won’t work. We need hard work, dedication and a clear strategy,” he adds.

Commenting on the move by Ngarivhume of conducting a clean up, prominent journalist, Hopewell Chin’ono said:

“What Ngarivhume did yesterday in Mbare is what is called LEADERSHIP!

“If more from the opposition did this, you would have exposed the incompetence and corruption in Mnangagwa’s regime.

“Jacob says this didn’t cost more than US$1k, yet millions are being looted,” he said.

Chin’ono who has been on the forefront of fighting corruption, exposing graft from high offices in the land, has been in and out of prison on alleged trumped up charges.

“I don’t do what I do to get likes or support from people, I do it because it’s the right thing to do. I can’t watch corruption and do nothing about it because people won’t support me,” said Chin’ono the other day, on his release from Chikurubi prison.