COPIED: When we said that this Mihlali chick is nothing more than a high end bed to bed midfielder, a hook-up artist we were told all kinds of things.

Now it has been revealed that after her break-up with married man Leeroy Sidambe she is now hooked with another married man.

This time a very fat Zimbabwean tenderprenuer according to the blogs, that whole time she had also been linked to another Zimbabwean politician (also married) .

Yet her idiotic fans will claim she’s a CEO, a YouTuber, a brand ambassador etc that’s how she manages her soft life.

But the truth is, it’s the rich married men who fund her lifestyle in exchange for her body She’s really starting to look way older than her actual age, that’s the effect of too much penile intake, her pxssy has been hit by many missiles more than Gaza itself.

It is said each new d!ck that enters a woman ages her by 6 months Nigerian married men had their turn with her, then South African married men had their turn, now Zimbabwean married men are having their turn.

And sadly she thinks it’s a flex.

Shadaya Knight