Transform Zimbabwe leader, Jacob Ngarivhume failed to proceed with his planned demonstration yesterday after police sealed off the venue.

He wanted demonstrate from the Africa Unit Square, but it was not to be.

“Today l went to Africa Unity Square for the demo and found it condoned off by Riot Police.

“They were preventing people from gathering there for our protest. I went to confront them as to why they were preventing people from gathering,” he says.

Ngarivhume adds that he didn’t call for a demonstration as a political stunt but as a statement.

“We cannot reject the government’s actions on social media alone. We have to hit the ground,” he says.

The Transform Zimbabwe says he personally believe that the time for talking is over and that what is needed is action.

“We know that he is undermining the constitution to secure a victory in 2023.

“We know that stonewalling reforms means that 2023 will be like all the other elections.

“The only thing that will change this is if we are united in our calls for reforms,” adds Ngarivhume.