In a saddening development the Zimbabwe Netball Team, affectionately called the Gems, will only receive their World Cup tournament allowances in the local Zimbabwe Dollar when they return home after the tournament.

This was revealed by the Zimbabwe Netball Association president Leticia Chipandu following reports that players had protested a few hours before their game against Malawi.

The Zim Morning Post reports that Chipandu said,

I can’t talk about the players’ salaries. I think you saw how they played. We did not have sit-ins. It was just like they wanted to know how much they are getting and when they are getting it and in what currency.

The money they are getting is money that got into the account from the fundraising activities so when we get home we will transfer the money into the girls’ accounts and it will be very handy to them. Remember we do not use US dollar so the RTGS will be very handy to them. But otherwise, I want to make it clear we don’t have any unrest.

If anything the girls are actually pampered. I think you have been seeing after every game they are getting money from well-wishers. That money is going to boast their morale or perhaps improve their livelihoods when they get home.

-Zim Morning Post