The new-look MDC National Standing Committee met yesterday at the party head office, Morgan Tsvangirai House and discussed matters of national concern.

The fully constituted National Standing committee, sat for the first time today after integration appointments made by President Nelson Chamisa. Appointments announced last week involved gap filling both the National Standing Committee and the National Executive committee. The exercise was in line with directions of the supreme decision making body in between congresses, the National Council.

The Committee reviewed among a number of issues, efforts by the Harare City Council in combating cholera, as well as raised concerns on price spikes, fuel shortages, abject poverty, joblessness, the harassment of vendors, distorted exchange rates and the liquidity crisis.

The leadership noted that the economic crisis is political crisis emanating from an illegitimate government.

The party continues to consult the party members around the country and society at large on the way forward based on the five- point plan enunciated by the President and out of the consultations, the party will produce a programme of action aimed at restoring legitimacy in Zimbabwe.

The President highlighted the need for

1. Dialogue to resolve the issue of legitimacy
2. A reform agenda – there is need for electoral, political and constitutional reforms.
3. Nation building – truth telling and resolution of painful historical imbalance, truth and reconciliation as a foundation for nation building.
4. International engagement-returning Zimbabwe to the family of nations.
5. Economic Agenda – there is need to agree on an economic plan that will resolve the cash crisis, inflation and liquidity.

The MDC has a plan for the restoration of the country to its former glory and beyond. This plan can only be implemented once true election results are tabled and the legitimate leader of the country installed.

MDC @ 19: Uniting in defence of the people’s victory

Clr Jacob Mafume