THE Citizens’ Coalition for Change (CCC)’s rural mobilisation strategy which, for a while, received backlash from Zanu-PF has reportedly left ruling party officials in Mashonaland province battling to save their political fortunes.

The strategy, fronted by CCC secretary for rural mobilisation Happymore Chidziva has made significant inroads in the ruling party’s traditional citadel.

It is understood that the CCC has already established village committees which will help its mobilisation drive across the province as it seeks to eat into Zanu-PF’s share of the vote at next year’s general election.

Chidziva and co-vice president, Tendai Biti, have reportedly been making frequent trips to the province over the past two months, setting up the structures which have now jolted Zanu-PF into action.

Senior officials in the ruling party’s provincial structures have been taken by surprise at how the opposition party has penetrated the province, once thought to be a no-go-area for the opposition.

They are now taking the provincial chair, Kazembe Kazembe, to task over the issue.

The same situation happened when CCC leader, Nelson Chamisa, then MDC Alliance president, visited the province unhindered in 2020 after he received hostile receptions in other provinces.

Sources said the Zanu-PF national leadership was gravely concerned with the situation and considering ringing chances to try and save the situation.

CCC deputy spokesperson, Ostalos Siziba, said this was an indication Zanu-PF was running scared and had finally realised the opposition party was not confined to urban areas.

“The ruling party is running scared, having realised we are not an urban only political party,” said Siziba.

“The rural folk are now tired of Zanu-PF’s corruption and fake promises. They have bought into our policy of development in rural areas and are now expressing themselves.

“We are, however, aware that such developments are what have resulted in violent scenes towards elections in these areas in the past and are attentive to it.”