Local internet users have been riled by the viral picture of Zanu PF couple, Chris Mutsvangwa and his wife Monica while aboard a plane.

Hard-hitting and award-winning Zimbabwe media activist, Hopewell Chinóno took to his handle to cation the picture, writing:

“If you are involved in a car accident in Kariba today & need an X-Ray, you will not get one because there is no X-Ray machine at Kariba Hospital. It costs the same price of these two plane tickets to buy an X-Ray machine! There are no gloves for nurses to use at Parirenyatwa!”

Below, we publish some of the responses to his post. Read On:

  • Apa Monica arikuzhinya nemazizno anenge emhou. Ivo kuzotora mapics kuti tione kuti they are in business class.– @mamakaCleo
  • Dai zvambonzi Zimbabwe yese ngaibude imbo ende kune dzimwe nyika vomboona life style inoraramwa kune dzimwe nyika musi unodzoka vanhu muZimba we haaah zvese zvopera zve corruption izvi Now vari kuZim vakutoona sekunge nhamo itori normal– @YoungBuoy6
  • yeah vari kutyityidzirwa nevanhu varikuvabira and end up thinking kuty Zimbabweans are meant kuty vangotambura chete its so sad– @potonjere83
  • Kasi zveZimbabwe ma1 chaiwo mhuri imwe chete inoita vanhu vose on influential positions Seiko? Very soon mufana wavo mukumuona on high positions Say no to dynasty– @mhazihuruchama2

  • Animal farm book tells a story of a grp of farm animals who rebel vs their human farmer, to create a society where animals r equal, free n happy. Ultimately, the rebellion is betrayed n the farm ends up in a state worse than it was b4, under dictatorship of a pig named Napoleon.– @chiverenyasoro

  • Luxury is a preserve of the vene vayo cabal, and those who aimlessly support them wallow in abject poverty and ready to kill on behalf of them to continue looting while they cheer them on,Its a sad sad situation for everyone who is normal.–