Former Foreign Affairs Minister Walter Mzembi argues that leftist politics Iack enforcement power, suggesting a move to the center-Ieft for broader appeal.

He criticizes African National Congress (ANC)’s faiIure to deliver on land and economic empowerment, noting the rising stock of Democratic Alliance and emergence of MK Party.

He says leftist politics are not based on consent and will not work for those who have no power of enforcement eg on contentious issues like Land & Mineral Rights & Economic Empowerment.

“In cosmopolitan societies & a neoliberal political environment you need to move to the centre left to capture more votes. Centre left politics are driven by a Radical agenda marinated by persuasion EFF.

“The ANC has paid heavily for mantaining the neoliberal politics of Nelson Mandela.

“30 years in power they have failed to deliver land & steer real economic empowerment not the token politics of BEE which seemingly was consumed by the neoliberal agenda .

“The rising stock of the DA must be a red flag to the ANC, which after the Nationalist Party dissolved itself inside it, and out of its ashes arose the DA which sought to govern along the same principles of the Nationalist Party.

“All the DA needs to do is to deliver the basics, a job in a factory, water and electricity and their job is done, more black votes as has been the case now.

“Service delivery is key vote catcher with middle class urbanites wishing to protect their standards of living .

“The MK Party comes to the scene pregnant with lessons of deferred dreams of the liberation struggle and this immediately connects with the people of South Africa and realistic politics.

“While Zuma played chess everybody else was playing checkers.

“The essence of inclusive politics and why retributive politics between cadres is a very bad idea has also come to the fore. This is an interim assessment …to be continued,” he says.