The Children of Zimbabwe War Veterans Association have, through their platform COZWVA,  accused the Mutsvangwas of enabling Simba Chikanza to record his phone conversation with Defence Minister Oppah Muchinguri-Kashiri.

Chikanza recently tricked a grieving Muchinguri-Kashiri to reveal government secrets when she received his phone while attending Ellen Gwaradzimba’s funeral.

COZWVA now say Chikanza was being used by the Mutsvangwas to destroy Muchinguri-Kashiri’s political career as the two ZANU PF bigwigs allegedly belong to different factions.

They have posted the following message on their timeline:

An informer reached out to us accusing Min of Infor Monica Mutsvangwa of sending Simba Chikanza to record a telephone interview with the intention to expose and politically destroy Min of Defense Oppah Muchinguri over serious factional wars…

The Mutsvangwas’ are said to be bitter over VP & Min of Health Rtd Gen Chiwenga accusing of bringing the Covid 19 Vaccine from China & distributed to his inner circles.

Chikanza is overhead asking investigative and leading questions which he is said to have got from Monica [Mutsvangwa].

Zanu pf is said to be in serious factional succession fights & Monica Mutsvangwa is reportedly fighting Party national Chair and Manicaland Political guru Cde Muchinguri with the bid to control the province.

According to the source, Chikanza and Mutsvangwa are close allies and this not the first time he has done this.

Last time he called VP Chiwenga and recorded the conversation with his top aide. Of late Chikanza is being accused of being used to target Rtd Gen Chiwenga and his close allies.