When the Zimdancehall genre made its grand entrance onto the local showbiz landscape, it certainly was rare to come across an artist who sang lyrics using less-spoken dialects such as Ndau or Korekore, to name but just two.

And, in a deviation of the traditional norm, a 23-year old local artist, BlackBoy, has brought a refreshing taste to the Zimdancehall genre with his soothing Ndau lyrics.

Born Denboy Kundhlande, the youthful crooner, who is also a trainee agriculturalist with a local training institution has brought a refreshing flair to the Zimdancehall genre after introducing the Ndau dialect in his musical compilations.

“You know, I have a very strong Ndau background and it’s quite surprising that despite all the talent that we have as a people, I haven’t really heard of Zimdancehall singers who use the Ndau dialect in their music. I will always make it a point that I advance the cultural norms and values of the Ndau people through music”.

He has thus far released a number of singles which include Ndiningisewo and Unozanani.

BlackBoy is also calling for sponsorship from the corporate world to record his music. The artiste is contactable on +263771304155 for those who want to assist him in his musical career.