The Zambian ruling party United Party for National Development (UPND) has objected the candidacy of Chief Fortune Charumbira as SADC representative for the Pan African Parliament presidency.

UPND Information and Publicity Secretary Joseph Kalimbwe has over the years criticised ZANU-PF over its bad human rights record says the region should reject Charumbira’s candidature.

“We don’t want the continuity of West Africans leading the Pan African Parliament. It should rotate.

“But we must also reject the candidacy of a Zanu-PF MP for the PAP Presidency, SADC MPs in Joburg caucus consciously & put forward a better & credible candidate for our region!

“SADC seems to be serious about putting forward a ZanuPF MP as President of the Pan African Parliament this week. If as a region we fought so hard to lead continental organisations & then put these characters as our candidates, then it’s fine; French speaking Africans, keep it!”

He says while SADC has been crying for the PAP Presidency their choice is bad likening it to comedy.

Parliamentarians from Sadc have thrown their weight behind Chief Fortune Charumbira who is vying for the Pan African Parliament presidency tomorrow.

Zimbabwe’s representative is will be contesting against a candidate to be submitted by North African region.