Image: The Herald

A woman was killed while seven others were injured after a Toyota Wish which was driving against oncoming traffic collided with a Toyota Corolla along Mutare Road.

The driver of the Toyota Wish was reportedly trying to avoid an oncoming South African haulage truck which was delivering packages to Prodairy in Ruwa.

The Toyota Wish then hit a Toyota Corolla which, in turn, hit a Mercedes Benz C180 Kompressor in the same lane.

When The Herald crew arrived at the scene, the body had been removed and the injured had been taken to the hospital while the police were recording statements.

The driver of the haulage truck said the driver of the Toyota Wish was driving in the wrong lane.

“He was driving against traffic and I flashed my lights trying to give him a signal to stop.

The driver of the Wish tried to avoid the truck and hit a Corolla which was behind me.

The Corolla then hit the Mercedes Benz which in turn hit the truck.

The problem is that the road gets congested during peak hours and the Mushikashika drivers drive in the opposite lane.

Several accidents have happened on this road and I think the police should put a roadblock in this area,” he said. -Herald