In a new development that will see Tourism Minister Priscah Mupfumira carrying her corruption cross alone, Public Service, Labour and Social Welfare Minister Sekai Nzenza has denied ever receiving a US$1 million bribe from Mupfumira.

Social media reports claimed Nzenza had received a plush Cape Town house and US$90 000 from Mupfumira  to hide the Nssa audit report which she has dithered to table before Parliament despite pressure from lawmakers.

Nzenza told journalists Monday that the reports were baseless stories peddled on social media.

“That did not happen, that is nonsense. I was supposedly given a lot of money. I am not dwelling much on nonsensical stories.

“I have a mandate to deliver to the public and to ensure that money entrusted to NSSA is managed properly,” Nzenza said.

“I have a village some of you know that very well. I go to the constituency on Fridays when I go to the constituency quite often there is poor network. It is right down in the Save river and there are problems there, there are crocodiles troubling villagers.”