HARARE: Robert Mugabe’s son Chatunga Bellarmine has rejected claims by Minister Oppah Muchinguri that his father asked America to impose sanctions that have been affecting Zimbabwe since 2001.

This comes after Muchinguri said, “Former President President Mugabe “worked with his enemies” the United States to impose sanctions on Zimbabwe.

“All along I suspect he was a sell-out, it’s coming out now. The sanctions by the United States , it was him who wanted the people to continue to suffer. He was working with his enemies,” she said.

But Chatunga who does not like unnecessary criticism of his father thought Muchinguri was offside.

“I don’t comment on politics usually because that’s not my field but l find it very funny and very laughable some people saying our Father begged for sanctions to be imposed on Zimbabwe,” said Chatunga on his social blog.

“When it comes to our Father he loves his country and he has continued to say he will remain in the country because he is a patriot person and everyone knows it.

“A great Pan Africanist who’s history doesn’t need to be explained. So you can’t allege President Robert Mugabe asked for sanctions from the west thats hilarious,” he added.