Harare: Bona Chikore, daughter and  first born to President Robert Mugabe has been given a top job in the Ministry of Home Affairs within the Zimbabwe Censorship Board, government sources have revealed.

The appointment was reportedly done before her 93-year-old father flew to Cancun Mexico to attend a disaster management summit.

According to sources, Bona’s main role is to protect the image of the first family from relentless onslaught by media platforms.

As with any major developments with Mugabe family, there is no official statement or announcement on the appointment.

The board has a final say on what is good or bad in terms of any media production intended for public consumption.

With unlimited powers to  ban anything they do not approve; the body also regulate, monitor and control the public exhibition of films, the importation, production, dissemination and possession of undesirable of prohibited film material, publications, pictures/photographs, statues and records and the giving of any form of public entertainment.

Chikore heads presidential security

The Home Affairs managed Zimbabwe Censorship Board claim to be  the best providers of moral guidance and advisers to the public on entertainment matters in Zimbabwe as provided for in the Censorship and Entertainment Control Act [Chapter 10 : 04], according to the official statement posted by the organisation.

Mugabe has come under fire recently for appointing unqualified close family members to run the country’s most sensitive and demanding jobs.

His son-in-law and husband to Bona, Simba Chikore, manages high profile assignments in aviation, Dema power generation as well as being the lead man in charge of Mugabe’s close network of bodyguards. zimnews