Not in Our Country: Stanley Goreraza calls for resistance to Bona censorship

Before it was news yesterday, was first to report on Bona Mugabe-Chikore’s new job at Zimbabwe Home Affairs at the Censorship Board to silence and spy on public and private information in order to safeguard the interests of the First Family.

Bona’s step-father and former husband to Zimbabwe First Lady, Grace Mugabe, is enraged by the development and has asked his compatriots to resist efforts by his former wife and the Mugabe family to silence and defeat the will of the people through nepotistic appointments ahead of crucial elections.

Below is Stanley Goreraza’s reaction to the news, in his own words..

They want to silence you but once you have been silenced then you have been defeated. You are defeated before actual elections and not after the votes have been counted. Elections are won before they are held and lost before election day. If you lose your voice before elections then your vote will be mute and it will not be heard. If you are not heard before elections then you will not be heard after elections.

If you are censored then you are silenced. If you are silenced then you are stopped. When you have been stopped then you have been defeated.

Before anyone speaks or expresses themselves it begins with a thought. Those who want to censor you want to enter your mind and censor your thoughts. They want to tell you what to think and what not to think because all expression is thought. They want to be in your minds.

They even want to tell you what to do and say on social media as If they buy you bundles.

Refuse to be silenced. God gave you freedoms which you should never give up to anyone. You have every right to speak your mind and express yourself artistically or otherwise. You can paint, draw and perform theater as you so wish because those are freedoms Almighty God gave you. If you think Robert Mugabe is a dog, then it’s your right to think so. If he behaves like a dog then you are going to think he is a dog and you will say he is a dog. Why should you be arrested for that? If you think Mugabe is an angel, then go ahead and say it.

Mugabe thought Tony Blair was a toilet and he said it. Mugabe thought Simba Makoni was a prostitute and he said it. Was he arrested ? Why should he be allowed to freely express himself but deny others the same right?

Your thoughts and your mouth and your words. Use them your way. zimnews