Tinashe Zisengwe

A heartbroken woman from Jahana Village in Gokwe recently pulled a shocker after attacking her promiscuous husband whom she alleges was cheating with a neighbor.

Yeukai Mitaruse is reported to have sliced Mike Magunjana’s manhood after a long battle with the latter over allegations of infidelity.

Yeukai started suspecting that her hubby was cheating with a neighbor after spotting the duo in a bush two months back.

She tried to ask the two what they were doing but they lied that they just met in the road and started walking together.

However all hell broke loose after Yeukai found Mike coming from the neighbour’s house, she then interrogated her hubby again who declined having an affair but rather said he was assisting in repairing a lamp holder.

An argument arose between the two resulting in Yeukai grabbing a knife which she used to slice Magunjana’s organ.

He was taken to hospital where he is currently receiving treatment.

Local Headman Tarisai Mabundu confirmed the incident.

Headman Mabundu said the matter has been reported to the local chief who is yet to summon the woman.