On a sad note we just received that, the Nyachuru kraal head homestead was tourched down in the early hours of today.

This happened in Mazowe Mashonaland Central at Howard Mission.

The huts belonging to Tendai Nyachuru of the Nyachuru village were razed by fire including property and reserved maize inside.It is believed that people suspected of being Zanu pf supporters were behind the act.Witnesses said they came from a nearby farm.

A police report has been made and no suspects have been arrested so far.

Leader Nyachuru a stronger MDCT cadre has been advocating for change in the region which made him a target.A stronger cadre who believes in MDC- T governance has been cowardly brought down.

Nearly 15tonnes of maize was burnt off, sofas, kitchen units, birth certifications and other vulnerable goods were burnt to ashes including blankets.

We seek support from well wishers in the MDC T family and other civic groups to kindly support one of our own in times of need.

Anything is acceptable cash,goods or clothing.

Those who wish to assist must contact Tendai Nyachuru at 0777320234. You can also use the same number for ecocash donations.

Please leave your name for future reference. Thank you may God bless you and the MDC T family.

MDC T groups.