Fire broke out on Monday evening at Gweru Pick and Pay supermarket sending employees, management and vendors who sell their wares outside the supermarket into panic mode.

According to vendors who witnessed the drama unfold, they saw a thick dark smoke curling outside from the supermarket and everyone went into panic mode as they tried to save their valuables.

Firefighters responded to the blaze around 8pm and managed to extinguish the fire that left a white hazy smoke that enveloped the supermarket inside.

Gweru deputy fire officer Lennon Hove said the fire started from the kitchen were a deep fryer was left unattended and the oil over-heated and ignited the flame.

Vendors who operate outside the supermarket said they saw smoke coming out from the supermarket and the employees running and shouting before they also started clearing their wares away from the supermarket’s pavement to the opposite side.

The small fire left fruits and vegetables from vendors strewn along Gweru firth Street and the supermarket floors flooded with water.

No injuries or loss of property was reported from the supermarket. zbc