Cephas Shava

Lovemore Chuma, a village head who was earlier this year convicted by Chief Chitanga’s court for engaging in an adulterous affair with the wife of his younger cousin brother has appealed his sentence with the Magistrate’s Court
Chuma, who is Mushayavanhu village head, was ordered by the traditional court to pay four beasts as compensation for having an affair with the wife of him namesake cousin, Lovemore Chuma MB.
The judgement was passed after the village head had pleaded guilty to the charges of having an affair with Chuma MB’s wife but he now wants to appeal the judgement which he feels is too harsh for the committed offence.
Since the time to directly appeal has lapsed in light of the time that has passed since Chief Chitanga’s judgement, the village head, through his lawyer Joseph Maweni has applied for condonation in conjunction with an appeal.
Maweni told magistrate Honest Musiiwa that when the Chief’s judgement was made, his client was absent and the fine in the form of four beasts was too high.
However, giving his side of the story in court, Chuma MB said on the day the Chief’s judgement was granted, Chuma CB was present and he admitted to the charges he was convicted of.
Magistrate Musiiwa was due to give ruling on the consideration of condonation and appeal by the time of writing.