Mr George Charamba, President Mugabe’s spokesperson, recently lost his wife Mrs Idaishe Olivia Charamba who died at West End Hospital last week.

olivia charamba

The late Olivia Charamba

There is confusion as  Charamba is also associated with another woman, Rudo Grace Gwata Charamba,  whom he reportedly beat and nearly killed in 2007.

It was reported that he assaulted his wife at their Mandara home after a gun dispute.

Sources said Charamba attacked his ailing wife who had just been released from hospital at the time, angering family members and government officials.

The sources said the case was reported at Borrowdale police station after relatives and friends intervened. Charamba was said to have in turn made a report at Highlands Police Station about a missing gun.

Below is the picture of Mrs Charamba who who survived a near death experience in the hands of Mugabe’s spokesman in 2007 and she is alive and well!!!

rudo charamba's wife

I am alive: Mrs Rudo Charamba

Here is her message sent to reporters today..

My sincere apologies to all my friends, acquaintances and family for the shock, grief and anxiety triggered by the news of my passing on, due to a mistaken identity, over the past two days. By the grace of God, I would like to gladly inform you that I am very much alive and well albeit cognizant of the fact that my time will come, again in His grace.

charamba mugabe wife death

Charamba’s wife says I am alive

I fully appreciate the cause of the mistake as almost everyone, myself included, did not realise until then that there was an individual with a status that was identical to mine. In fact, I still believe it is not normal, if not impossible, for any two or more individuals to share a status of that nature.

On a positive note, as the Word of God proclaims that all things work together for good, I am humbled and overwhelmed by the love and concern that has been demonstrated by all of you through this very unfortunate incident. May our faithful God richly bless you for obeying His one and great commandment to love. Also, may you continue to extend the same to everyone else besides myself. Stay blessed forevermore in Jesus name.

In His grace
Rudo Grace Gwata-Charamba