Tomorrow (today)Friday, Stanley Goreraza, Grace’s ex-hubby will reveal all about  Zim’s President

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Former husband to First Lady Grace, Stanley Goreraza, has complained about intimidation and efforts to silence him from forces linked to President Mugabe.

Writing online, Goreraza has vowed to fight fire with fire and will this Friday expose the real issues threatening  Mugabe’s life.

He promised to pay the 93-year-old in kind over relentless efforts to silence him;

“Every time you try to intimidate and threaten me, I will punish you by revealing some of your secrets. And because of the phone call and emails I received today, I am going to punish you on Friday,” he said.

He said he will also talk about Mugabe’s face injections;

“I am going tell all of Zimbabwe about your injections and the synthetic supplements you take to cheat age.

Additional threats will be responded to with much damaging disclosures, believe me,
You don’t want to play this game,” he added.

Goreraza, the father of Grace’s older son, Russell, is an outspoken Air Force of Zimbabwe wing commander, currently working as an intelligence attache’  to India.

Grace was still married to Goreraza when she had her three younger children with  President Mugabe(Bona, Robert jr and Chatunga) while working as his secretary.

Goreraza and Grace Marufu(now Mrs Mugabe) divorced in 1995.

Grace then married Robert Mugabe in 1996.

Meanwhile, Many Zimbabweans have acknowledged Goreraza and encouraged him to speak up against the Mugabes;

“Tell the Truth to shame the Devil. True the truth will set you free. You can not Suffer from Silence whilst the devil lives Maximum life…You have nothing to lose, but they have everything to lose…Pull the trigger and all the Zimbos will forever thank you…We are waiting for that time bomb, We don’t want it to be diffused prematurely before it explodes,” said one person.

Another person said, “Blaz Stan(Goreraza) we are with you. We will support you through out.”