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Mudzuri takes aim at Chamisa…Full Statement

MDC Alliance is headed for a showdown ahead of its national congress next year as top leadership takes aim at each other, the latest being Engineer Elias Mudzuri who is accusing party president Nelson Chamisa of being a dictator.

Mudzuri alleges Chamisa is strategically positioning himself ahead of the congress by axing mayors and party leadership not aligned to him.

A statement titled ‘defending MDC legacy’ being attributed to Mudzuri in which he is attacking Chamisa has gone viral.

Should politics be meant to abuse citizens or to perpetuate individual agenda?The major concern is the way the mdc party is being administered ,and how it has been besieged.

There were concerns raised, and these included
1, deviating from the founding values of the party

2. That the party now uses dictatorial tendencies and this is not what MT the founding father did or envisaged

3, General elections were not rigged, but that the party had double candidates, demoralised supporters, imposed candidates, no polling agents in more than 2000 polling stations, did not pay polling agents, agents had no food, etc
4, Nepotism, corruption, colleagueism and making candidates pay in cash or kind upon which some women lost dignity and exchanged sex for candidature as MPs, senators or councillors

5. The mdc constitution is being violated and Chamisa is willingly violating it.

6. The constitution allows anyone to act for a specific one year period. After the death of MT Chamisa grabbed power in February this year, the one year acting period ends in February 2019.Therefore, congress must be held on or before February next year 2019.

7, When Chamisa grabbed power from Dr TK he did it using vanguards ( a group of youths to induce fear and violence), and he lied to the nation that MDC could not go for a congress since elections were due in July. Now elections are over, so why does he continue to change goal posts? He is pushing elections to October next year, a delaying tactic so that he brings in his colleagues and remove our structures to put his trusted fellows.

8. Chamisa and his factional members have agreed and announced to scrap provincial and district structures from the constitution .Who gave him that permission,was it congress? Why removing structures?

9. Chamisa announced to fire workers and out of 162 workers,he wants to remain with only 40, does he have retrenchment package for them? He wants HH to be attached and be auctioned by messengers of courts.We are aware that he wants to fire all workers who were supporting MT or those not in his faction.

10. The firing of mayors, and imposition of mayors and or suspending or expelling members of the party is undemocratic.

11, The national council or National Executive has been besieged, and all factional members just sing and dance, for what Chamisa utters in the meeting. They caucus first before meeting to rubber stamp what the faction wants. Some people are believed to be more of Chamisa himself ,and they can intimidate members or send threats or write letters to suspend or fire members

12 There is no need to expell members who stood as independents because the leadership caused it through imposition of candidates and having double candidates.Instead, the leadership must be expelled for that.

13, Chamisa announced that 7 more members from NPP party will be appointed as NEC members and already he has appointed deputy presidents, without following procedures He is busy building his camp, and wants to abuse and use these new guys for his support at congress,and dump them latter. It was noted that Luke Tamborinyoka and many other members were used to uplift Chamisa by lieing to the world that MT handpicked him to be president. Luke was later exited and dumped, and he lost his position as spokesperson, whereby, Chamisa appointed his closest friend Nkululeko.

14. Chamisa gobbles 20% of the parliamentary political finaces given to the party. He took 20% of the $1,8 million and used for his gain, when they failed to print even a single T shirt for campaigns.

15. We see the trend that all founder members of the party are being retired or excommunicated,and instead a new bunch of faces, and school mates are being appointed.

16. The violence in the party and Vanguards is there to intimidate people, so that they support Wamba
Every position must be contested.MT was always nominated. We used to fill in Templates for congress top leadership by province. MT was always nominated by 12 provinces and Congress would endorse. So,what makes Wamba a special animal?

The congress gives guides.We demand a voters role for all Congress delegates, and do not temper with old structures.

Chibaya must stop madness by adopting a ZANU PF stance that there is no vacancy for president,it is there Mr Organ as Wamba was not elected and he must test the pains of congress. Mr Cobra snake says he is not like MT and he undermines the significance of Morgan Tsvangirai in the history of democratic struggle in Zimbabwe and forgets that the latter’s shoes are too big for him,so let us go Congress way Mr Man Wamba!!.

With these remarks we declare unequivocally that:

1, Mdc leadership must be elected through congress,and no short cuts

2, That all positions must be contested at congress and no sacred cow,as all animals,are equal.

3. No one is bigger than the constitution of the party and we demand a reverse to the dictates of it.

4, We want all our structures as they are in the constitution and no one can scrap them off.

5, No worker shall be layed off from work ,until congress decides and no victimization of any worker in the party

6, The vanguards must be disbanded forthwith and revert to democracy

7, We demand congress on or before February 2019 without fail.

9. No Mayor, councillor, Senator or House of Assembly member must be expelled for cheap politics

10, All candidates who stood as independents,or as double or multiple candidates must not be expelled and must remain in their previous structures and or positions until Congress .

11 We demand thorough investigation into abuse of office and authority by Chibaya, Murisi, Komichi, Timvious L, Kagodora, Muzoda, Mbondiya M, Mamombe Joana, Bvondo, and others involved in running the previous General elections.

12. Chamisa must pay back all the dues he collected as 20% from the parliamentary proceedings.

13. President Chamisa must be investigated for abuse of authority, unilateral appointments and failure to adict to matters of constitutionalism.
We will not sit back as we watch our beloved Mdc party crumbling

14. We demand an immediate post election postmoterm to assess and analyze why the party lost elections .The message was immature, not resonate with grassroot masses, incoherent and did not address the immediate issues affecting citizens.The alliance with Grace and Mugabe was not sanctioned, and perhaps it is true that it was meant to synergy the Gushungo Dairy Farm business syndicate between Chamisa and the Mugabes. Chamisa, you lost elections ,and you just make noise to remain relevant in Mdc politics.


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