Mudiwa Hood has offered to help veteran sungura musician Paradzai Mesi with groceries and other things.

This follows Mesi’s arrest on allegations of having stolen groceries from a shop.

On his twitter Mudiwa wrote : “I do not condone stealing, or any from of crime as a way to survive…

“UNACCEPTABLE …But the human in me is saying when all investigations and processes are done by the police, and they clear him or fine him, I want to help mr Paradzai Mesi with groceries, compensate the victim too, owner of the shop.

“However my heart is on the kids kunyanya, if he has kids, i want to help them too… DO GOOD FOR NO REASON!”

Mudiwa’s gesture has been received with praises from fans and fellow artists alike.

Many have applauded him for his generosity and compassion, saying that his act of kindness is a reminder that artists should support each other, especially during difficult times.

Mesi, the leader of the popular sungura band Njerama Boys, was arrested on Wednesday for allegedly stealing groceries at a store at Henstone Farm in Glendale.

According to a local paper, Mesi was drinking beer at a local bar and he ended up going to the store where he was allegedly caught stealing groceries.

One of the eyewitnesses said Mesi was drunk and was influenced by some of his friends to steal. “Baba Paradzai Mesi vanoti havasi mbavha zvachose.

“He is not a thief at all. He was just drunk and his friends pushed him to do it,” the eyewitness said.

Mesi is a veteran sungura musician who has made hit songs in the 90s such as “Nhamo Moto”, “Mukoma Ngito” and “Chikwama Changu”.