Zambian politician Joseph Kalimbwe has lambasted the Zimbabwean government for building a school in rural Zambia while it is lacking same infrastructure.

“The republic of Zimbabwe built & handed over this school this week in rural Zambia.

“Not to be unappreciative or anything but I feel this is a misplaced priority.

“While schools in Gokwe & Bindura are failing apart, why not build schools there. What is Zimbabwe try to prove?”

Meanwhile, in response to his comments, Zanu PF Patriots said:

“Zimbabwe remains forever grateful and indebted to the People of Zambia.

“Zambia assisted Zimbabwe during the liberation struggle.”

Kalimbwe who is an official in the ruling party United Party for National Development, has been critical to the Government of Zimbabwe under President Emmerson Dambudzo Mnangagwa.

Apparently, Zambia and Zimbabwe share cordial relations dating back to the liberation struggle.