Following the reports that Smash Afrika is allegedly cheating on his wife Kefiloe Chuene, with musician Msaki, she has been trending ever since.

The #HandsOffMsaki started trending on social media with people defending the Bomu Abumanga hitmaker and are isupport of her saying she did nothing wrong as she was approached by the married man.

Msaki is involved in some messy headlines but she couldn’t care any less. Taking to Twitter, Msaki addressed her fans asking about their health and told them that nothing has changed.

“Nisafety guys? Nothing has changed here. I have nothing but love for you & I will always be focused on my attempts to write songs to encourage & to uplift. I know many of you see my heart. My devotion is to sing us better. That’s my purpose here. Namaste Otherwise. Love Msaki,” she tweeted.

This response seems to snub the Rumours and she said she would rather focus on her career and make good music.

According to a report by Sunday World, when confronted about the infidelity Rumours, Smash did not deny the affair, instead he apparently said Msaki brings him peace.

Smash Afrika is married to Kefiloe Chuene, who is Rami Chuene’s daughter. But the publication alleges that their marriage allegedly took a turn for the worst when Smash apparently cheated on her with Msaki. There are even allegations of love letters between them.

A source told the publication that they started having marital problems a few months after their traditional wedding. It also claimed that their marriage was also abusive. He was allegedly accusing Chuene and her family for forcefully marrying them and said it was for their gains.

When she sent out that tweet she got dragged by some but she responded by saying, “Absolutely indeed yes that is all because this is the same space that will give you a “ Tikoloshe raped a parrot headline” Rqespect me please. I am BUSY!”

When asked if the allegations are true, Msaki laughed it off.

Msaki received support from Tweeps under her tweet: