Zimbabwean detectives led by Detective Chief Inspector Alexander Jachi from CID Homicide in Harare went over to Mozambique for a meeting with their counterparts, but they returned empty handed after they were advised that Muvhevhi(seated) would be taken to a local court on charges of illegal possession of firearms.

He could remain in Mozambique for years if convicted.

Victims of triple murder suspect Jaison Muvevi could wait for many months, even years, to get justice after Mozambican authorities said they would try him on gun charges.

Muvevi was on the run since January 13 when he shot and killed three people in Wedza and critically wounded a fourth.

On January 15, he allegedly fired shots at another man at Mutare Boys High School where he went looking for food.

Muvevi was arrested by members of the public after crossing into Mozambique at Machipanda on Monday morning. He was handed over to Mozambican police.

ZimLive understands that a team of Zimbabwean detectives conferred with their counterparts in Mozambique who declined to release Muvevi, who was found with two guns at the time of arrest.

A source at the National Prosecuting Authority (NPA) said they had hoped Mozambique would deport Muvevi as an illegal immigrant and quickly handed him over.

“By deciding to prosecute the suspect on gun charges, we face a real possibility that he will first go on trial and if convicted serve a jail sentence in Mozambique. It could be many months or even years before we lay our hands on him,” an NPA lawyer said.

The lawyer said Zimbabwe could still use diplomatic channels to gain custody of Muvevi, a retired police detective who had reportedly made a small fortune after venturing into mining.

“The two countries enjoy cordial relations and there’s a lot of cooperation in the area of security. It’s possible, for instance, that Muvevi can be sentenced in Mozambique and be handed over to Zimbabwe to serve his sentence here, while being put on trial for crimes committed in Zimbabwe,” the lawyer added.

Zimbabwe is now expected to file an extradition request and wait for a response from Mozambique.