VIDEOS: People living and working at Mutare Boys High starred death straight in the face and lived to tell the story during their interaction with Jaison Muvhevhi

On January 15, the hunt moved on to Mutare after Muvevi used his EcoCash to purchase the blue work suit he was wearing at the time of his arrest.

At 3PM on Sunday, police were called to Mutare Boys High School where Muvevi had allegedly approached a school staffer who was coming out of the bathroom. After enquiring who was around at the staff quarters, he allegedly produced US$10 and asked the woman to source a chicken and prepare him a meal.

A police account of the incident said while the pair were talking, a known drug addict “arrived in a drunken stupor and demanded that Muvevi should account for his presence at the school staff quarters.”

Muvevi allegedly drew his gun, spooking the drunken man who fled as the fugitive fired three shots at him, which all missed. One of the bullets perforated a geyser tank.

After the incident, Muvevi disappeared into the nearby Asei Game Park.

Early on Monday, Muvevi allegedly hitch hiked a bike from Marymount and failed to pay for transport and produced a pistol. He then took a taxi from Mumango to Manica. The biker alerted the police and he was caught before he could cross the control post.