President Emmerson Mnangagwa has appointed a seven-member Commission of Inquiry into the August 1 killing of unarmed protestors.

But the inclusion of Zanu PF apologist Professor Charity Manyeruke raises serious questions about Mnangagwa’s commitment to truth, many think this could be another big cover up unfolding.

“There is only one name which reeks of oddity there and that is the name of Charity Manyeruke. Her stint as a propagandist posing as a political analyst for ZBC gives her integrity bad odour. She is anything but independent. Otherwise the Commission is on paper perfect,” said Stanley Goreraza.

Manyeruke was recently featured in Zanu PF election campaign adverts.

More worrying are the terms of reference that will guide the work of the Inquiry:

1. There is no attempt to identify the soldiers that killed the protesters.
2. There is no attempt to establish if those soldiers were ordered to open fire or they went rogue.
3. There is no attempt to interrogate the facts surrounding his claims that he did not know who deployed the soldiers.
4. There is no attempt to establish the legality of ZRP Commission General Godwin Matanga’s claims that he is the one who called in the military.

Mnangagwa is already being accused of victimizing the protestors while protecting the killers.

Here is is a full list of the 7 member commission appointed by Emmerson Mnangagwa to investigate the August 1 post election violence and army shootings

1 Kgalema Motlanthe (ex-SA President)
2 Charity Manyeruke (UZ lecturer)
3 Lovemore Madhuku (UZ lecturer)
4 Vimbai Nyemba (ex Zimbabwe Law Society president)
5 Chief Emeka Anyouko (Nigeria)
6. Robin Dickson QC (UK)
7. General Davis Mwamunyange (Tanzania)