The Zimbabwe Democratic Institute (ZDI) says its recent research showed that electoral defeat of the ruling party in Zambia in 2021 has triggered the ruling ZANU PF elites to intensify the building and strengthening of authoritarian capability and resilience infrastructure.

ZDI adds that the current political economy has therefore been characterised by the deployment of strategies to deter the 2021 Zambian precedent and boost the ZANU PF regime’s staying power beyond 2023.

The institute further posits that ruling government has been very innovative in building & testing the prowess of infrastructural capabilities on citizens.

The illustration below presents how the regime has conceptualised the four authoritarian capability infrastructures, key players and programs.

Apparently, renowned political commentator Dr Pedzisai Ruhanya concurs with the ZDI position.

Be that as it may, he adds that the ZANU PF regime wants to use Rhodesian tactics against Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC) once once it knows the main opposition party’s structures.

“During the liberation struggle, successive Rhodesian regimes wanted to know the structures of both ZAPU and ZANU in order to infiltrate, arrest and torture people.

“Many nationalist leaders were guests in prions around Zimbabwe. Why does ZANU PF insist on knowing CCC organs!!!” He says.