“To those who are not in sync with what is really happening on the ground- let them know that this coming election belongs to the man who will rule this country beyond 2030. And, when he says, ‘2030 ndendichipo’, this is just but a reflection of his desire to also see and enjoy the fruits of his noble Vision 2030.”

These are the words of businessman-cum-politician, Madron Matiza (main picture), during an interactive session with youths in Gokwe town early this week.

The 36-year-old Matiza is also the Zanu PF parliamentary candidate for Gokwe-Sesame Constituency in harmonised elections to be held on the 23rd of August this year.

According to Matiza, Zimbabweans ‘are in need of a tried, tested and trusted leader in the mould of President Mnangagwa. Zimbabweans are sick-and-tired of opportunistic opposition figures that are bent on misleading the youths and polluting them with political garbage’.

“We are going into an election where we need to amass Five Million votes for our President. As you can see, right about everyone is in support of Zanu PF and the President. The Church, the youths, and right about every sector of the society is now solidly behind the ruling Party and the President. We are going to convincingly trounce (Nelson) Chamisa and his structure-less CCC,” said Matiza.

Various organisations and opinion leaders have predicted a resounding victory for President Mnangagwa and his ruling Zanu PF in the 2023 Harmonised elections.