Former Minister of Tourism and Hospitality Walter Mzembi says the pronouncement of a re-run date by President Emmerson Dambudzo Mnangagwa shows that he is not sure if he will win the presidential election in first round.

Mzembi says pronouncing a runoff date is a dumb move as it introduces the doubt of success in the 1st Round.

“The provision has always been there but never invoked because there was confidence ruling Party Presidential Candidate would make it first round. Mazvinzwa,” he says.

Meanwhile, commenting on the Patriotic Bill which was passed in Parliament recently, Mzembi said is a backward move and recipe for trouble.

“The horrible impact of this bad & vague law will be felt when it is in full operation.

“Tragically it will turn our boiling Kettle Country into a Pressure Cooker where a struggling people cannot vent their steam out! Why are we perfecting colonial laws?

“Passing of Patriot Bill last night after the promulgation of the Election Date is a tragic regression of the once upon a time.

“The Voice of the People is the Voice of God.

“The Voice of the President is the Voice of God What a step back to Hell,” he says.