Dubai has become an unexpected prison for Archford Gutu, who now finds himself in a desperate plea for assistance to rectify the chaotic situation that he single-handedly created.

However, the distressing narrative doesn’t end there.

To compound matters, eight of the children who were part of the ill-fated journey, out of the total 17 accompanied by Gutu and his wife, Mona Dube, are also stranded alongside them.

Disturbed by the unfolding events, one of the guardians has taken the matter to the authorities, accusing Gutu of fraudulent activities. This claim stems from the guardians’ assertion that the children’s passports were confiscated by the hotel authorities due to the couple’s inability to settle their accommodation bills.

Disturbing reports have emerged indicating that the children, who were promised an opportunity to embark on a tour that would open doors for securing foreign contracts, are now residing in a substandard facility.

Adding fuel to the fire, a video depicting Gutu and Mona enjoying themselves in Dubai has incensed the parents of the children, who are understandably outraged by the couple’s apparent negligence and irresponsibility.

It is worth noting that Mona, who was pregnant at the time of their departure with the children, gave birth in Dubai, further complicating the already dire circumstances.

In a recorded audio message circulated within a WhatsApp group for parents, Gutu reluctantly admitted to his financial mismanagement and appealed for their assistance in urging the Zimbabwean Embassy to intervene and ensure the safety and well-being of the children.

Quoted in one of the audio messages, Gutu pleaded, “I want to express my gratitude to you parents and guardians for entrusting your children to me for the trip to Dubai. To be honest, I failed to manage my finances properly, and now the children are facing numerous challenges here. I sincerely apologize for any inconvenience caused to the children and the football fraternity. I implore you parents and guardians to join forces with me in appealing to the Zimbabwean Embassy to consider our plight and intervene to ensure the safety of our children.”

When approached for comment, Gutu acknowledged the hardships he and the children were enduring. He expressed his frustration at the timing of the inquiries, questioning why assistance was only being sought at that moment and emphasizing his desperate circumstances.

“Is it only now, in the midst of my predicament, that you choose to ask me how things are? Bad news certainly travels fast. As a brother, why did you wait until now? When did I arrive here?” Gutu responded.