PICS:Zim is open for Bugatti.. Did Mnangagwa’s friend import this Bugatti Veyron into Zimbabwe?

This  $3,5 million Bugatti Veyron, Diamond Edition(see photo), was offloaded at Harare International Airport on Thursday, 9th of August.

It arrived onboard a KLM cargo plane.

BUT people are asking who buys a car for that much to use in Zimbabwe’s dirty and broken roads; And where do they get the money from?

Sources say the Bugatti is for controversial South African businessman Zunaid Moti.

An ally of Zimbabwe President(elect) Emmerson Mnangagwa, Moti is allegedly doing multi-million dollar mining projects in Zimbabwe with ED’s family.


On social media people think this is too much:

“Someone imported a Bugatti Veyron at Harare International Airport….. a greedy item to import imho given the state of the economy, 90% unemployment and 70% poverty in the country …would love to know who imported it and how much import duty they paid to ZIMRA,” said one user.