Transform Zimbabwe leader Jacob Ngarivhume says President Emmerson Mnangagwa has proven beyond a shadow of a doubt that he is not fit to be president.

“Being president requires honesty, integrity and competence, the qualities he does not possess that is why he is quick to threaten citizens and use the security forces,” he says.

He says a president’s job is to listen to citizens and work diligently to address all concerns.

“And where changes cannot be made a rational explanation must be provided. Sidestepping issues and ignoring the people is a dereliction of duty and that person can be fired,” he says.

Apparently, Mnangagwa is on record threatening people whenever he addresses the nation.

Ngarivhume has also blasted Mnangagwa for misplacing his priorities as a leader.

He says Mnangagwa can afford to do the garden while the house is on fire.