President Emmerson Mnangagwa is in the resort town of Victoria Falls where he is expected to officially open the 39th Ordinary Session of the PAPU Administrative Council and the 10th Ordinary Session of the Plenipotentiary Conference today.

The conference is being held in adherence with the National Covid-19 guidelines.

Meanwhile, there will also be elections for the PAPU boss and Zimbabwe’s Chief Sifundo Moyo is contesting against a Malian and Egyptian candidate.

Moyo is the current Post Master General at Zimpost since 1 Oct 2016, has been in executive leadership for 13 yrs, General Mgr Operations and Int Business 2010- 2015, General Mgr Marketing and Sales 2007-2010, POTRAZ Head of Division 2003-2007.

The Southern Region has never led PAPU since its inception, 41 yrs ago.

The election of Moyo will be in line with and respect for cardinal principles of the African Union namely, rotation as provided for in the relevant decisions of the AU Assembly and the Executive Council.