News filtering through is that the President Emmerson Dambudzo Mnangagwa led government is planning to switch off the on the election day so as to cut information transfers between citizens.

Political activist and Software Engineer, Freeman Chari raised the red flag over the alleged plot.

“So I hear that they are now contemplating shutting down the internet on election day. In the next few days we will make a major announcement about that,” he says.

Meanwhile, renowned Zambian politician Joseph Kalimbwe has urged Zimbabweans to download VPN application in case internet is switched down election day, adding that the same happened in their country in 2021, when the then incumbent Edgar Lungu shut the internet.

“Comrades in Zimbabwe; let’s advise each other as you go to the polls. Download what’s called VPN on playstore on your phones.

“This is to prepare you for internet shut down like Lungu did; same script. VPN helps you access the internet even if they shut FB, Twitter or WhatsApp,” he says.

Apparently, data analysts Team Pachedu says has developed a system called Mandla a secure none internet communication route.

“We have developed an elections system/ App that we have named Mandla.

“It has features that allow data collection & storage among other safety measures that we will share soon.

“We are confident this will work if fully implemented & complimented with agents availability,” says Team Pachedu.

For data quality assurance, it is reported that only verified agents will have access to Mandla.

“We are in touch with participating parties on the deployment modalities.

“Be guided accordingly.

“Mandla collects the data from each polling station and automatically adds it up.

“There won’t be a need to wait for @ZECzim & it’s spreadsheet.

“While data will be available throughout at least by 12 midnight you should know the winner.

“Be an agent to make it possible.

Team Pachedu adds that Zimbabwe requires voters to do these 4 things; 1) Go & vote. 2) Volunteer as an agent especially in rural areas. 3) Have agents at each polling station. 4) Don’t fear FAZ, and that it is a matter of national duty.

In 2019, the Government of Zimbabwe ordered the shutting down of the internet for three days, so as to curb protests over fuel hikes.

Zimbabwe’s government was accused of having exceeded its mandate in ordering an internet blackout during civilian protests, a court ruled, as authorities pressed on with rounding up opposition figures blamed for the unrest.

In an interim ruling, High Court Judge Owen Tagu told mobile operators to immediately and unconditionally resume full services. The biggest, Econet Wireless, compiled with the order right away.

Critics said the country was slipping back into authoritarian rule, with President Mnangagwa’s government accused of shutting off the internet to prevent a security clampdown from being broadcasted to the world.