Norton independent Member of Parliament, who was once a sports trainer, Temba Mliswa has called for the disbandment of sports associations which do not have developmental sides.

Following the Warriors defeat by the Flames of Malawi, Mliswa blames the sports associations.

“Well done to the players and coach Norman Mapeza.

“The real culprits for this catastrophe are ZIFA and the the football administrators who have failed to drive a structured agenda for sports development programmes.

“Who is in charge of development programs at SRC or ZIFA?” Asks Mliswa.

He says sports associations should have 5, 10, 15 year development programs and not have this shoot-in-the-dark sojourns.

“You raise people’s hopes only to dash them. Why is it sport is the only industry where anyone can just come in and start running things without any qualifications?” Asks Mliswa.

He adds that by virtue of Zimbabwe being a bigger country in terms of population size compared to Malawi it should be producing more & better players if it had developmental programs.

“We have a bigger selection pool. The administrators are failing us as a nation & firing coaches isn’t a solution,” he says.