Minister of Energy and Power Development, Fortune Chasi has called for an increase in the tariffs of electricity. Chasi who has been tasked with overseeing the energy situation, at a time when citizens are experiencing 18-hour power cuts per day has said that the current tariffs are too low and need to be raised to reasonable levels.

Chasi also warned that the days of free electricity for government entities and senior government officials are over.

Writing on social media, Chibabest as Chasi is affectionately called by his supporters, said

Zesa has a legal obligation to cut its loses. It cannot continue to supply power to people who do not pay. Switching off non paying consumers is a real option. Be warned. This is regardless of what or who you are.

…The tariff must be cost reflective. The current tariff bares no semblance whatsoever to the actual cost of procuring power. It must. There must be a new philosophy around the tariff. Cost reflectivity is an essential ingredient.

In the past, the government had turned down all proposals to hike the tariffs citing that it would create a burden on citizens.