The relatives of miners who are trapped underground at Ran Mine in Bindura are threatening to take over rescue operations, accusing the government of moving too slowly.

Since the disaster which took place more than a week ago, only one body had been retrieved from the rubbles underground.

“One male body …has been retrieved this afternoon from the tunnel,” tweeted government spokesman Nick Mangwana on Monday.

“The body was beneath the rubble which was underneath the water in the collapsed tunnel.”

Zimbabwe Miners Federation’s deputy head Christine Munyoro also confirmed the recovery of the body.

Apparently, some of the relatives of the trapped miners told eNCA news that they are not happy with the current pace at which the operations are being conducted.

They called on the government to speed up, so that they bring finality to this sad chapter, or else they take over the rescue operations.

Speaking to eNCA news, deputy Mines Minister, Polite Kambamura said the government is doing all it can to rescue the miners as soon as possible.

He said because of the flooding, the pace has slowed as they have to pump out the water first.

He added that due care need to be taken into account so that no further accidents could be encountered during the rescue efforts.

Meanwhile, few days ago a rescue volunteer slipped and fell into the pit and died, his body was later retrieved.

Meanwhile, the ongoing rescue efforts are being hampered by heavy rains and groundwater flooding.

It is believed that more than 30 miners are trapped underground the disused mine which was decommissioned about a decade ago.