Movement for Democratic Change-Alliance deputy chairperson, Job Sikhala has rubbished reports that he has called for a dialogue with President Emmerson Mnangagwa, also implying that the two are sworn enemies.

Sikhala was responding to a news report carried by a local daily newspaper today, alleging that he has called for a dialogue between his party and Mnangagwa.

The paper in a story headlined; “It’s time to talk to Mnangagwa- says Sikhala” reported that the Zengeza West Member of Parliament has joined other big wigs from his party to call for dialogue with Mnangagwa.

However, Sikhala says the report is not true, adding that Mnangagwa hates him and that he (Sikhala) don’t like Mnangagwa too.

“Such lies are not only nauseating but provocative and irritating.

“I have no aota of respect for ED for someone to bid for him claiming that I would suggest talking to him.

“ED hates me and I don’t like him as well. This is blackmail by the Daily News,” he said.

He says the paper twisted his call for a united front against Mnangagwa, to inviting for talks:

“You wonder how the Daily News will honestly misrepresent my Twit about Zimbabweans uniting against ED’s dictatorship to time to Talk to Mnangagwa. This is really abhorring and astonishing.”

Apparently, the MDC Alliance and its president Nelson Chamisa have denied to join talks with Mnangagwa under the Polad.

Chamisa maintains that Mnangagwa should admit that he stole the last elections from him.

On the other hand Mnangagwa is saying Chamisa should recognise him as the democratically elected Republican President.